Our Sponsors 2009-2010

2009-2010 Corporate Contributors

Alliance Française / French Institute
President Marie-Monique Steckel

Altios International
Manager Alexis Martin

Columbia University Alliance Program
Director Dr. Vanessa Scherrer

Dexia Credit Local
General Manager Guy Cools

Director Joёl Courtois

Groupe SEB, USA
CEO Marc Navarre

Lalique North America
CEO Maz Zouhairi

Life’s Journey, LLC
Principle Jean Sun Shaw

New School
Chair of French Language Department Florence Leclerc – Dickler


Stephane Haimo
Jason Israel
Dr. Edmund Kwan and Mrs. Susan Kwan
Dening Lohez
Ed Morse
Jeri and George Sape
Mr. David Shainok and Mrs. Diana Wu – Shainok
Michael Tahmisyan
Guy Wildenstein


Diane Ackerman
Captain Jordan Becker
Patrick A. Berzinski
Martin Bischoff
Linda Gras
Marguerite and Charles-Henri Mangin
Hong Miao and Jim Cato
Madame and Monsieur Jean-Paul Imbert

Board Member Contributors

Adriana Agbo
Stephane Bouniol
Phillip Carls
Mark Denne
Brian T. Kelly, CPA
Vincent De Lagabbe
Barbara Wing


Veronique Bressard
Rolande Cutner
Irene Finel-Honigman
Eli Gifford
Jean-Pierre Guilaene
Anne Louvel and Alain Louvel
Olivier Naton
Elisa Niemtzow
Suz Panzer
Marina Rustic
Isabelle Sary