2007-2008 Scholarship Recipents

The recipients for the 2007 Jérôme Lohez September 11th Scholarship have been selected, and are as following:

Benoît Germond, 2007
Benoît Germond graduated from EPITA in 2007 with a master’s degree in Science. He is now studying toward another master’s degree at Stevens Institute of Technology. In his scholarship application essay, Benoit mentionned that working to finance his studies taught him to be open to change and ideas.

Augustin Lefèvre, 2007
Augustin Lefèvre received his engineering diploma from École Polytechnique. He is now working on his master’s degree in Financial Engineering at Columbia University. Augustin wrote in his scholarship application essay “The essence of the United Sates is not to bet on a type of individual who stands for no ideals but his own, and is driven by challenges at every step in his life. My second point is that the American society rewards its members on the basis of their merits, and relies on their sense of responsibility to ensure social efficiency.”