Lohez Foundation 2013 Awards Ceremony Hosted By French Consul General in NYC

Lohez Foundation 2013 Awards Ceremony Hosted By French Consul General in NYC

The French Consul General in New York City, Mr. Bertrand Lortholary, presided during the May 1, 2013, Awards Ceremony at the French Consulate in New York, recognizing the 2013 student recipients of the Lohez Foundation Scholarships. It was the first such occasion in which two French students studying at universities in China were recognized for their achievements.

Guests arrived to the sounds of the New York University-based classical violin duo, Ms Lydia Brown (right) and Ms. Celine Reyes (left), who offered a selection of musical works by Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Mouret, Saint-Saens and Shostakovich. Guests were immediately treated to a selection of superb passed hors d’oeuvres, catered by Diane Gordon Catering, accompanied by fine red and white wines provided through a generous donation from Pernod Ricard USA.

The MC for the Awards Ceremony was Professor Daniel Duchamp, Head of the Department of Computer Science in the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science at Stevens Institute of Technology.

“Recently,” Dr. Duchamp said in his opening remarks, “I had the honor of chairing the Selection Committee that determined which candidates would be awarded this year’s Lohez Scholarships. In the process, I came to know and appreciate the mission and purpose of the foundation and its history.”

Duchamp noted that the Jérôme Lohez 9/11 Scholarship Foundation was created in 2005 by Dening Wu Lohez in memory of her late husband. “As Dening has explained in numerous media interviews,” said Duchamp, “her chief aim was to help bridge the cultural gap that she perceived to be widening between France, the land of Jerome’s birth, and the US, which had become their adopted home as a married couple.”

Duchamp (below, right) reminded the audience that both Jérôme and Dening had met as graduate students at Stevens, accounting for the “close and deepening bond between Stevens Institute and the Lohez Foundation,” adding that “the foundation also benefits from a significant collaboration with the Alliance Program at Columbia University, where Dening Lohez is also an alumna of the School of International and Public Affairs.”

Before the awards presentation, mention was also made of some of the evening’s other honored guests, beginning with Consul General Lortholary (left), and the French Elected Representative for the Eastern United States, Mr. Richard Ortoli, who earlier had presented Ms. Lohez with the Chevalier Medal of the French National Order of Merit for outstanding international service.

Also in attendance were Dr. Michael S. Bruno, Dean of the Schaefer School of Engineering & Science at Stevens; Dr. Gregory Prastacos, Dean of the Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens; Monsieur Patrice Beliard, CEO of Beauté Prestige International, whose company creates, develops and markets the fragrances of Issey Miyake, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Narciso Rodriguez; Mr. Allan Chapin, Chairman of the Board of the French-American Foundation; Mr. Martin Bischoff, Managing Director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Ann Bynoe, Chair of the Economics Department at Pace University; Ms. Nicole Panzica, Student Representative to the Ramapo College Board of Trustees, and Associate for Creative Marketing with Tranquility49 LLC, media consultants to the Lohez Foundation; and Ms. Dawn Da Silva, Assistant Vice President for Development, Stevens.

Thanks were also given to Mr. Yann Yochum, Deputy Consul, Head of Press and Politics, for the kind assistance of his office; and Mrs. Anne-Sophie Bris, for her assistance in coordinating the evening’s events.

Dr. Duchamp also extended Ms. Lohez’ thanks to the Event Committee that assembled to work on the Awards Ceremony, chaired by Ms. Sharen Glennon (below left, with husband Mr. Geraldo Nogueiro), Stevens Institute of Technology; assisted by Dr. Duchamp; Mr. Patrick Berzinski, Tranquility49 LLC; Mr. Stephane Bouniol, Credit Suisse;Ms. Yu-chen Juang, Fordham University; Ms. Grace Lieberman, New York University; and Ms. Amandine Tristani, Pace University.

Mr. Bouniol, Vice President at Credit Suisse, co-founding board member of the Lohez Foundation, and representative of EPITA, from which institution he holds a dual graduate degree in concert with Stevens Institute, presented the first award to a 2013 Lohez Scholar, Monsieur Alexandre Montfort (right), who is completing a dual graduate degree from EPITA and Stevens Institute of Technology.

The second award was presented by a 2012 Lohez Scholar, Mr. Andres Lizcano Rodriguez, dual degree recipient from Sciences Po and the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. Andres presented to his classmate and 2013 Lohez Scholar, Monsieur Côme Dechery (below right), Sciences Po and Columbia University-SIPA.

Presenting the third scholarship award of the evening was Ms. Barbara Wing, co-founding board member of the Jérôme Lohez 9/11 Foundation.

Dr. Duchamp then mentioned that the Lohez Foundation expanded its reach in 2012 to include alliances with universities in China. Two scholars from France studying in China were chosen to receive awards from the Lohez Foundation. One, Monsieur Silvio Ghiglione, has been completing studies between the Université Paul Valéry and the Beijing Normal University; the other, Madamoiselle Louise Battus, has been completing a joint degree between Sciences Po and Shanghai Fudan University.

A brief piece of video coverage from Shanghai Television’s English-language news was then screened for the assembled group, showing a ceremony that was held last November at the home of French Consul General Emmanuel Lenain in Shanghai, attended by Ms. Lohez and the two Lohez Scholars in China.

Before the evening drew to a close, Dr. Duchamp summed up the themes of the Awards Ceremony: “The Lohez Foundation professes an impressive humanitarian vision, focused on cultivating a class of global leaders with a truly global outlook. The organization is now looking to build its executive and advisory boards, its academic and corporate alliances, and to grow its modest endowment into a competitive resource for increased cultural exchange and mutual understanding. If anyone here wishes to become part of that effort,” he concluded, “or knows someone who might, now or in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Lohez to schedule a discussion of the possibilities and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

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2014-2015年度杰罗姆. 洛汉斯911奖学金获奖者

2014-2015年度杰罗姆. 洛汉斯911奖学金获奖者


Camille Andrieu, 2014


Camille在高中和大学期间曾经被选为国家级的运动员。她先后在从Institute of Political Studies (IEP)以及巴黎大学取得了政治学和法律的学位。





Barbara Crépeau, 2014

(法国,ÉPITA -斯蒂文斯理工学学院,双硕士学位)

Barbara 即将在法国完成她的计算机硕士学位的最后一学期的学习。她主修实时和嵌入式系统。在2015年,她将来到斯蒂文斯理工学院攻读计算机领域的双学位。



“有很多初创公司(在纽约)”,Barbara说,“人们需要去探索和创新一些想法,去把握住新的商业机会。在纽约诞生里很多新的科技公司:Tumblr, Etsy, Kayak, Shutterstock。这些纽约的初创公司表明,硅谷并没有垄断科技创新领域。”



Soliman Elcheikh, 2014


Soliman Elcheikh目前是就读哥伦比亚大学—巴黎政治学院联合项目的一位大二学生。他在学习当中接触到的多元文化已经成为他生活的一部分。



“这些价值观(如上),是Lohez基金会的灵魂”, 他说。“文化和教育交流是一个可以改善世界的强大的工具。我会付出我个人的努力来成为这种变化的一部分。”


Juliette Faure, 2014



在与经济学家Jean Drèze结识以后,Juliette参加了印度政府对恰尔肯德邦地区(印度最贫穷的地区之一)的援助工作队伍,同时对印度农村就业保障法实施实况评估。她掌握的印地语起到了很到的重要作用,她成功的融入当地人组成的团队之中。

在来到哥伦比亚大学之前的一年,Juliette选择去缅甸去获得新的实践经验。在那,她参加了NGO “绿莲花”环保组织。



Paloma Moritz, 2014



在完成她在巴黎政治学院和加州圣巴巴拉大学的本科学习后,Paloma开始了她在巴黎政治学院-复旦大学(传媒双硕士学位)的学习。她相信这是一个正确的选择。“我在中,法,美三国的教育经验无疑在将来是 一笔巨大的财富”,她说。



Paloma还有着其他的亮点。她曾担任主持人,新闻编辑和雅虎政治节目的采访者。她采访了众多著名的法国政治家,比如让 – 路易·博洛,让·吕克·梅朗雄,布鲁诺乐霾热,亨利Guaino瓦莱丽Pécresse和纳贾特Vallaud Belkacem。




2015年度Jérôme Lohez奖学金评选委员会


Michael zur Muehlen (奖学金评选委员会主席,斯蒂文斯理工学学,The Howe School,院长)

Anne Waters (哥伦比亚大学,国际关系学院副院长)

Eleonora Russo (巴黎政治学院,教授)

Hong Bing(复旦大学,传媒学院副院长)

Yitian Huang(复旦大学,国际关系学院教授)

Stephane Bouniol (瑞士信贷集团,副总裁)

Côme J. Dechery (世界银行,顾问分析师)

Sharen Glennon (斯蒂文斯理工学学院,The Howe School, 副主任)

Patrick A. Berzinski (奖学金评选委员会见证人,Tranquility49 LLC, CEO)