2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients



Katrin Büchenbacher, 2016

(Sciences Po / Fudan University Dual-Master’s Degree: Global Media and Communication)

Current Lohez Scholar Katrin Büchenbacher is a native of Liestal, Switzerland.

Between 2012 and 2015, she studied Communication and Media Research at the French and German teaching University of Fribourg, Switzerland. She then studied as an exchange student at the French Press of the University Panthéon-Assas, Paris, on a scholarship granted by the Swiss government. Katrin graduated from the University of Fribourg with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with the distinction magna cum laude, in June 2015.

“I decided to study Media and Communication because I enjoy the interdisciplinary character of my studies,’ says Katrin, “and because I am very interested in Journalism, New Media and Society and Social Sciences in general. During my semester abroad in Paris, I specialized in Cultural Studies and cross-cultural media adoption for my Bachelor’s Dissertation research.”

Having gained the skills and the knowledge necessary to tackle the high academic standards, Katrin entered the Dual Degree program at the School of Communication at Sciences Po in France and the School of Journalism at Fudan University in China, from which she will graduate in June 2017.

“My internships in the editorial office of the Swiss newspaper ‘Volksstimme,’ the political communication department of the Swiss National Youth Council, and the Web-TV of the Geneva-based film production ‘Freestudios’ have encouraged me to specialize further in Global Media and Communication,” she says. “I would like to use the experience gained and the knowledge acquired at Sciences Po and Fudan University to become an international reporter based in China in my future professional life.”


diego filiuDiego Filiu, 2016

(Sciences Po / Columbia University: Dual Bachelor’s Degree Middle East-Political Science)

During the winter of 2014, Lohez 2016-17 Scholar Diego Filiu interned at the office of President François Hollande. Working directly with the President’s adviser for Middle Eastern affairs, he gained an inside look into the daily workings of the French Foreign Service.

“My ability to nurture mutually beneficial policies in high-stakes diplomatic environments, at the Elysée,” says Diego, “as well as in French embassies across the globe, is the product of my unique cross-cultural experience. As a French-American dual citizen who was raised in Syria and Tunisia, I have spent my entire life at the intersection of conflicting worldviews.”

Diego’s cross-cultural upbringing pushed him constantly to reconcile competing perspectives, which often led him to serve as an intermediary between clashing social groups and cultures.

These experiences have drawn him to international public affairs as a natural continuation of his upbringing. Having explored the French Foreign Service through internships in Cairo, Amman, Paris and Tunis, Diego will now pursue his passion in the rigorous academic environment of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).

“My dedication for the Middle East has also taken me to Lebanon and Jordan’s refugee camps, as well as to Jerusalem during the 2014 war,” says Diego. “Highly adaptable, sociable and eager to learn, I am keen on exploring the differences, as well as the underpinning similarities, between the French and the American aspects of my identity.”



Vincent Liagre, 2016

(Ecole Polytechnique / Columbia University Schools of Engineering / Business: Dual Master of Science Degree)

“Governments, big industry players and new energy ventures are all striving to reshape the energy sector, and this will have crucial implications for the world we are living in,” says 2016-17 Lohez Scholar Vincent Liagre. “I want to take part in this exciting change.”

After four years of intensive multidisciplinary training in physics, mechanics, mathematics and economics (two years of classes préparatoires and the first two years at Ecole Polytechnique), Vincent chose to major in Energy Engineering at L’X, to fulfill his interest in both the technological and strategic aspects of the energy sector.

Thanks to this program he acquired a global vision of the sector, with courses covering various energy technologies (from carbon capture to nuclear power, with a specific focus on wind and solar power), as well as the energy markets.

Last summer, Vincent worked as a R&D intern in the Energy Management Systems team of Total New Energies.

“I definitely wanted to explore this path further, and coming to Columbia University was the best fit for this,” says Vincent. “The management, science and engineering M.Sc. of Columbia University is unique in the USA: it is a program in conjunction between the Engineering School and the Business School. It enables me to take classes in applied mathematics and data analytics, which are the core skills to design the best energy management systems, as well as business strategy and finance, which are the core skills to build the best ventures.

“I believe that mutual enrichment from cultural diversity is possible,” he concludes, “and I hope to be able to add my small contribution to building a better future.”



Le Yao, 2016

(Sciences Po / Fudan University, Dual Degree Master’s Program:  Europe and Asia in Global Affairs)

Lohez 2016-17 Scholar Le Yao is a dual-degree student between Sciences Po and Fudan University. Originally, her desire to pursue the Dual-Degree Master’s Program on Europe and Asia in Global Affairs was driven by her academic interests in European studies and Sino-EU relations, as well as her career goal of having an influence in China’s foreign policy-making.

“Now,” says Le, “looking back to my previous experiences and life in France, I am highly grateful to this program for unfolding the complexity and fascination of European studies before my eyes, as it clarified my responsibility to promote international cooperation and trans-cultural communication.”

During a 2013 semester at Lund University in Sweden, Le began to learn about the EU’s role in geo-political and security issues, as well as interactions between the EU and its member states. After returning from Sweden, Le continued to enrich her knowledge on the EU and its foreign policies. With keen curiosity about EU integration, she conducted research on the European Neighborhood Policy, with a perspective on the Ukraine Crisis.

After commencing her studies at Sciences Po, says Le, “my life experiences in Paris provoked my deeper thinking on how to solve the current crises faced by Europe.”

“All in all,” she concludes, “this program not only laid the foundation for my research in the field of European studies and the Sino-EU relationship, but also broadened my vision of the opportunities and challenges of global governance.”


How To ApplyPast RecipientsAffiliated UniversitiesAmbassador's Program

Jérôme Lohez Foundation applicants will be screened by the foundation’s executive board of internationally qualified professionals and academics. The deadline for applications will be October 15th. The board will meet to review submissions in the mid-October and scholarship winners shall be announced in early November. The scholarship will be granted in November.


The Foundation will provide scholarships to students, regardless of their nationalities, who participate in dual-degree programs at universities that are associated with the Lohez 9/11 Foundation:

The Alliance Program at Columbia University — Columbia University / Sciences Po / École Polytechnique Palaiseau / Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.

The Fudan School of Journalism/Sciences Po Dual Degree Program on Global Communications and Media 

The Fudan School of International Relations and Public Administration/Sciences Po Dual Degree Program on Asia, Europe, Global Affairs

The scholarship will be in an amount to be determined by the board of directors. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

All Recipients are required to participate in Ambassadors Program for one year.  

Application Guidelines

For Students from French Universities wishing to study in the United States

Applicants must submit two essays:

Ideals of religious and cultural tolerance, entrepreneurship, egalitarianism and a spirit of generosity are the essence of the United States. Do any of these ideals inspire you to study in America and in what way?

During your international study experience, how will you encourage opposition to global, violence-based ideologies?

For Students from American Universities wishing to study in France

What inspires you to spend some time in France or China to study?

During your international study experience, how will you encourage opposition to global, violence-based ideologies?

For Students from Fudan University (China) wishing to study in France

What inspires you to spend some time in either France or the US to study?

During your international study experience, how will you encourage opposition to global, violence-based ideologies?

All Applicants are required to download, complete and upload the Basic Information response form that is available on the Application page.

The deadline for submission of all materials is October 15th. Late applications will not be considered.

If you have questions regarding applications, please email:


Columbia University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Harvard University

Princeton University

New York University

Universite Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne

École Polytechnique

École pour L’informatique et les Techniques Avancées (EPITA)

Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)

The Board of Directors of the Jérôme Lohez Foundation is honored to have scholarship recipients participate in the Jérôme Lohez Foundation’s Ambassadors Program for one year.

Ambassadors are visible at many fundraiser events and serve as liaisons between the Foundation and future recipients, in addition to two other important groups: major gift donors and past recipients. Both groups are very interested in hearing students’ perspectives on their experiences in France and America.

Typical roles include mingling; hosting a table of Foundation guests at events; providing information about the Foundation; and speaking about experiences in America or in France, as well as student academic programs. Ambassadors should also be ready to answer questions from future applicants and in some cases, serve as mentors to them.

The Ambassadors have the opportunity to interact with VIPs from government, diplomatic corps and past recipients who may become valuable career contacts. Ambassadors also have the chance to develop and receive training in communication, public relations and interpersonal skills. Ambassadors shall be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude, in addition to have a genuine desire to help the Jérôme Lohez Foundation grow into a prestigious organization.

Benefits include:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the Foundation
  • Sharpen communication and public speaking skills
  • Improve interpersonal and conversational skills
  • Enhance confidence when speaking and interacting with the French-American community
  • Meet and network with alumni, VIPs, and future applicants
  • Gain access to exclusive French-American events